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Wahiba Sands & Wadi Bani Khalid 4WD

Depart in the morning from Muscat to Fanjah and the Sumail Gap that divides the Western and Eastern Hajars. We visit the abandoned village of AlMansfah near Ibra. The charm and character of this old mercantile town still remains. Our next stop is the village of Mudharib, another thriving oasis. We will enjoy our lunch together at a local restaurant. After lunch we proceed to the golden undulating sands of Wahiba. Indulge in dune bashing and get the feeling how it is to lose the ground under your feets. Enjoy the unique sunset in loneliness on the top of a dune. Optional we offer camel riding for you. Another highlight of the day is the Bedouin dinner and the overnight in a Desert Camp.

Day 2: After enjoying our breakfast we visit the Bedouin settlements before we proceed to WadiBani Khalid with its endless date palms and crystal clear pools. Take the chance to hike along the pools and get a nice refreshment in one of the turquoise pools. Please note the swimming dress for women and men. After a day full of nature highlights we return back to Muscat.

Highlights: Adventure and Nature