About Us
Explore Muscat Tours is a local tour operator, owned and managed by tourism-experienced Omanis.

We are a registered member of Oman's Ministry of Tourism. The company employees are qualified and motivated Omani tour guides and experienced sea captains. All of our employees well trained to provide high quality services to our guests.

Why choosing us? 

Our passion is to share the beauty of the Sultanate of Oman with you. With our wide array of tours around the country, we are able to provide you your unforgettable moments with your friends and families filled with Omani tradition and culture.


Our Promise

Our guest is our first priority. We made sure that you will be having a fantastic experience with our services we are providing. 

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to become a leading tour operator around the globe. Providing innovative tourism and guarantying high quality of service.


In order to protect our Sultanate we provide social and environmental friendly tourism. Our passion is to satisfy the desires of our clients, exceeding their expectations and turning their visit into a memorable experience.